AGM News

Following are the more interesting bits that were accomplished (full minutes will be submitted to the Board and then distributed):
Metropolis’ proposal to play a side in the D3 League was accepted. The Union VP will check with the Midwest to determine if Metropolis will be eligible for D3 play-offs. It has been our understanding the the Midwest does not allow teams playing in multiple divisions to play for the Midwest Championship. It’s also clear that this is not a prohibition of USA Rugby (editor’s note — I believe the Midwest is the only Territorial to have (or have had) such a restrictive and incredibly short sighted prohibition).

The budget was approved as presented although there was spirited discussion throughout the meeting about the $10 player fees. The concerns were mostly about how the money was being spent.

The answer was it mostly went toward training new coaches, with an emphasis on college coaches.

Different members of the HS contingent pointed out that the HS clubs have largely paid this fee while many of the college clubs had not, and so questioned the fairness of monies going to support the group that the Union was having trouble collecting from.

The discussion went back and forth, with the occasional bit of pointed sarcasm, but in the end most recognized that the lack of trained coaches at the college level continues to be an area of very large concern and the Union shall continue to seek remedies to it, including the training of new coaches; the budget was approved and the player fees shall continue. (the player fees earmarked for youth rugby went toward deferring expenses at the HS Tournament and helping with the travel expenses for the boys and girls U19 All Star teams. The boys travelled to Colorodo, Baltimore, and Winnipeg, while the girls travelled to Chicago and Winnipeg).
The requirement for D3 men’s clubs to play at the All Minnesota was questioned, in part because the requirement to pay a $100 fee is a burden. It was explained the primary reason is the limited number of available referees; in essence, there aren’t enough to cover the tournament and send referees out to cover League matches, so if you want to play that weekend, it has to be at the All MN venue.
Loren Lemke, Dave Sheperdson, and Guy Wray have started a “Coaches Alliance”, a group that will meet monthly to have open discussions regarding coaching.
The following college clubs applied for Union membership and were accepted: Viterbo, U of M-Morris, and the University of St. Thomas.
Elections went as follows: President – Anne Barry; Secretary – Joe Vollmar; Youth Director – Kurt Hagman; Treasurer – Brian O’Donnell; Disciplinary Chairman – Dave Sheperdson, Women’s College Coordinator – Nichole Benjamin; Women’s College Liaison – Amanda Prochazka; Men’s College Liaison – Phil Francksen